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Trying to build resilience in your kiddos

but you don't know where to start?

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25 self-paced video lessons and activities for your kids that teach them how to activate their super character traits.



What if you could give your kids skills that make your life easier now AND set them up for success later on?

They think they're just having fun...

while you know you're giving them tools that will serve them the rest of their life.

Right now, you're exhausted from running yourself ragged trying to keep up with them.

  • You love your kids... but are driving yourself crazy following them around all day, doing nothing but picking up their dirty socks and legos.
  • You want to teach them new skills... but give up after they half-heartedly attempt something new and end up screaming "It's JUST TOO HARD!" ...followed by stomping their foot and then a temper tantrum until you give in and do it for them.
  • You feel guilty for using screen time as a babysitter, but you can't convince them that sitting in front of the TV for hours on end isn't healthy for them, and listening to them whine and complain just isn't worth it.
  • And while it'd be nice for them to learn to not hit their brother because it makes their brother feel're tired of explaining it a million times, so you're just listening to the endless arguing that goes on all. day. long.

Lets add excitement back into your day while teaching your kids how to be responsible.

Grab Super Kid Adventures so you can watch your kids grow in character and share their excitement while developing their perseverance, empathy, friendship, responsibility, and wellness skills that will set them up for lifelong success.

I love love love this course! (Super Kid Adventures testimonial)

Imagine if...

  • You have more time & space in your day... because your kids are motivated and excited to show you their responsibility by cleaning up their toys, taking care of their dirty laundry, and putting their clean clothes away. (No, it's not a pipe dream.)
  • Your kiddos are excited and willing to learn and try new things... instead of giving up right away because it's hard, they take a deep breath, tell themselves they can do it, and dive in.
  • Your kids have an understanding of why you want them to eat their veggies...and limit screen time, and they are ready and excited to care for themselves too.
  • Instead of listening to them fighting all day long with their siblings... you see them sharing, putting others first, and thinking about how their siblings are feeling.

Watching my kids have compassion for others, pick up their dirty socks (without me nagging them) and continually tackle hard things makes me beam with pride.

image of Elizabeth

Don't you love it too?

Seeing my boys constantly give up, watching them treat friends unkindly, or knowing they aren't telling the truth makes my blood pressure rise. I know they're capable of developing good habits, if only I could find a fun way to teach them in a way that actually sticks.

Hey, I'm Elizabeth Manly. I'm a former kindergarten teacher and a mom of 2.

I created Super Kid Adventures to help my boys develop essential character traits - and to save you from having to search for activities to keep your kids entertained.


Super Kid Adventures gives you the tools to help your kiddos learn perseverance, empathy, friendship, responsibility, and wellness so that they become natural born leaders.

Image of Ipad graphic

1. Watch a short video together.

Image of hand

2. Use the print-and-go templates to complete an engaging activity together.

Image of heart

3. Be filled with pride when you see your kids using skills such as perseverance, responsibility, and empathy.

Your boredom-busting solution that gives you the tools to help your kiddo grow in character

We teach...


So that they keep trying even when things are hard...and understand mistakes are actually a GOOD thing



So that they understand how others are feeling...and why it's important


So that they learn the keys to treating people right and building lasting friendships


So that picking up after themselves becomes a habit and isn't just another chore


So that they understand why eating veggies and limiting screen time isn't just something mom wants them to do

Grab Super Kid Adventures for only $147!

You'll get...

25 Teacher-Led Missions

During each mission, your kids will love watching a 5-10 minute video and completing the activity to further develop the skill.

Week 1: Perseverance

  • Mission 1: What is Perseverance?
  • Mission 2: How to Talk to Your Brain
  • Mission 3: I Can Do Hard Things
  • Mission 4: People Who Persevere
  • Mission 5: I Can Set Goals

Week 2: Empathy

  • Mission 6: What is Empathy?
  • Mission 7: My Feelings
  • Mission 8: How Do You Make Them Feel?
  • Mission 9: What Would You Do?
  • Mission 10: It's Game Time!

Week 3: Friendship

  • Mission 11: What is Friendship?
  • Mission 12: What Makes a Good Friend?
  • Mission 13: Solving Problems With Friends
  • Mission 14: How to Make Friends the Easy Way
  • Mission 15: Including Others

Week 4: Responsibility

  • Mission 16: What is Responsibility?
  • Mission 17: What Am I Responsible For?
  • Mission 18: The Power of Making Mistakes
  • Mission 19: Responsibility Looks Like, Sounds Like, and Feels Like...
  • Mission 20: Let's Play a Game

Week 5: Wellness

  • Mission 21: What is Wellness?
  • Mission 22: Caring for Your Heart
  • Mission 23: Caring for Your Body
  • Mission 24: Caring for Your Mind
  • Mission 25: Caring for our Friendships
Super Kid Adventures

Teaching your kids the character traits you want them to have in a way they actually enjoy is one click away.

Simply hit the red button below to grab your copy of Super Kid Adventures.

7 Day Guarantee

If you feel like I didn't deliver what I promised, I'll gladly refund your purchase within the first 7 days.

However, I think you'll love it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in Super Kid Adventures?

The Super Kid Adventures are 25 done-for-you missions (lessons) for your kids that expand their understanding of character traits. Each mission includes video instructions and an activity to do with your kids.

The missions cover 5 character traits:

Perseverance, Empathy, Friendship,

Responsibility, and Wellness. Each character trait has 5 lessons that help your child learn and explore how to use these traits in their own life.

You'll also receive a printable PDF with everything you need for each mission.

How do I know it's for me?

Super Kid Adventures is for anyone who is looking to add a little fun into their day while equipping their child with skills that truly set them up for success.

Even more than academics, skills like perseverance, responsibility, and friendship are predictors of success later on in life.

These lessons were created by an early elementary teacher to save you from spending hours searching for engaging activities to do with your kiddos, so there's more time for the stuff you really want to do.

If you're looking for practical and actionable activities that are simple to implement and fun for your child, you'll love Super Kid Adventures.

When will I receive my product?

Your log-in will land in your inbox right away.

If you don't see it, be sure to check your spam or promotions folders. If you still don't see it, please contact us immediately at

You'll have lifetime access for the life of the course to the course and all updates.

Is it really worth the cost?

In a word… yes! Super Kid Adventures is not only your sanity-saver for times you just need a minute to breathe without feeling guilty for using screentime as a babysitter, but it also teaches your kids essential skills that set them up for success.

We promise that you will not find a better, more practical, and more comprehensive resource at a lower price.  

Is this a physical book?

At this time, materials for Super Kid Adventures are only available in digital PDF and Video format.

What age of kids does this work for?

This product is best for ages 4-7.

Younger kids may enjoy watching the videos and doing the activities with adult help.

How easy is this to use?

So simple! Super Kid Adventures is full of print-and-go activities. Just log in, print the pdf, and start viewing the videos.

No purchasing expensive materials or hours preparing activities needed!

What is your return policy?

I want you to be confident in your purchase. If you don't feel like I delivered valuable tools in Super Kid Adventures, I'll gladly refund your purchase in the first 7 days.

However, I think you'll love it!

Imagine walking into your kids' room and NOT stepping on Legos all the time.

Give your kids the gift of strong character that'll last a lifetime.


Grab Super Kid Adventures today so you have pre-planned activities in your back pocket ready to go that are more than just fun, but will actually give your kiddo the skills they need to thrive.