Wonder why other kids seem to be able to work through problems easily while you're dealing with crying, screaming, and "I CAN'T DO THIS!"?

If you're also worried about the number of meltdowns you deal with during a typical day because things don't go right for your child,

then read every word on this page...

When your kiddo's shoe gets untied do they head toward a full-blown meltdown because things aren't going their way?

Perseverance is the biggest predictor of success, but it's not an easy skill to master. (Even some adults give up far too easily.)

And while you might think turning into a cheerleader for your kid saying "You can do it! Keep going!" will encourage them to use perseverance, it's not going to motivate them after they've fallen off their bike, twice...or when they've been struggling to figure out that math problem for the last 47 minutes.

Make Instilling Perseverance Simple

Perseverance can be a simple skill to strengthen when it's done the right way. The problem is parents try to strengthen perseverance by becoming the cheerleader, and schools teach perseverance by not allowing kids to quit... but neither of those are the most effective way to strengthen perseverance.

But there is a more effective way that's not only fun for everyone but provides a time for you to connect with your kiddo (instead of dealing with all of the screaming, crying, and whining when it's just too tough.)

Secret Mission Perseverance

Your guide to teaching your child not to give up

After Secret Mission: Perseverance your child will:

  • Take a break to regroup and try again - instead of melting down when something is hard.

  • Grow their confidence - because they'll know just because something doesn't work right the first time doesn't mean it's never going to work.

  • Be more successful in school, sports, and large projects - instead of wilting at the thought of doing something hard.
  • Be set up to be a successful adult who can handle whatever life throws at them.



Research shows PERSEVERANCE is the biggest predictor of success, even more than intelligence or pure talent.

Secret Mission Perseverance

The engaging and fun activities that strengthen your kids' without causing a nuclear meltdown.


An $84 Value!

image of Elizabeth

Do you ever wonder if your child will stop giving up so easily?

Hearing "I CAN'T DO IT!" While watching tears stream down my son's face, or watching him get so frustrated that he starts throwing toys and stomping off makes me frustrated.

This doesn't have to be hard!

But actually teaching him perseverance is a different story.

Perseverance is the biggest predictor of success, and it's an important skill to grow. But waiting until those moments of frustration to teach it isn't working.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth, a former elementary teacher and a mama of two boys.

In my classroom, my favorite thing to teach was character traits, and we made it FUN.

Now Secret Mission: Perseverance is here to make it fun for you too!

I've been using these activities to teach my son perseverance. I'm now teaching you how to strengthen your child's perseverance too...so that you don't have to hear "I CAN'T DO IT" one. more. time.


Yeah, but my kid is "spirited". Will these games still work?


Which is why we focus on learning through play, without the long, drawn-out lessons or boring worksheets.

These activities are designed to tap into their natural excitement, present them with a challenge, and give them an opportunity to strengthen their perseverance in a fun way when their brain is in a calm state. (Instead of when they're already frustrated after they've been trying to build a tower and it's fallen down 23 times).

Secret Mission Perseverance

Stop the whining, complaining, and the "I CAN'T DO IT!"

Practicing perseverance will teach your kiddo how to stick with something that's hard without just telling them "You have to".

For now, it may be riding a bike, but later on in life, it'll be reading, math, or science.

Maybe baseball or volleyball.

Eventually, your child will have a job and come across something difficult.

The need for perseverance won't go away, but they can strengthen this skill to make it easier.

You can try to become the cheerleader by saying "Cammon, you can do it! Don't give up!" or you can strengthen perseverance the fun and effective way, through play. Just like you would teach the alphabet, counting, or reading.

Here's Everything That's Included in

Secret Mission: Perseverance

  • Secret Mission: Perseverance (a $37 Value) Easy-to-follow, (16+) fun activities that will strengthen your child's skill of perseverance that you can start doing right away, even if you're not a teacher. Completing these activities together also strengthens your connection with your children.
Science Experiments for Little Learners
  • BONUS: Science Experiments for Little Learners (a $27 Value) After researching hundreds of science experiments, these are our top 10 favorite (simple and exciting) science experiments that you'll be able to enjoy with your kids again and again.

These are activities that your kids will love to do over and over again, with different levels of play so that your child can continue to strengthen their skill of perseverance.

No more scrambling for a new activity to do.

The time to strengthen the skill of perseverance is now, not after your child has been struggling to get his shoes on the right feet for 23 minutes.

When kids are frustrated, trying to teach them perseverance will only increase their frustration. By strengthening perseverance before they need it, they will have the tools they need to keep going and not give up.


An $84 Value!


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Frequently Asked Questions


The activities in Secret Mission: Perseverance are best for ages 3-7.

Kids learn best through play. You won't find any long boring lessons or tough worksheets here. These games are designed to work for all kids - ADHD, "Spirited," Learning Disabled...

Our activities include different levels of play, each game includes ways to make it simpler or more difficult, so you can find the right level for your child. (and they will love to do it again at a more difficult level as they strengthen their perseverance.)


You'll get immediate access to:

  • Secret Mission: Perseverance, our 16 favorite activities that teach perseverance to use time and time again. Included are PDF and video instructions, and any templates you'll need.

We've also included:

  • Science Experiments for Little Learners: Science experiments also teach perseverance, patience, process, and science! After researching hundreds of science experiments (and many of them ending up being duds), these are our top 10 favorite experiments of all time. We do them again and again, and each time they are just as exciting (and simple) as the last.


While using Secret Mission: Perseverance, you can expect:

  • A strengthened bond with your kids after spending intentional time with them.
  • Good conversations about why perseverance is important, and how it's helped you.
  • To see your kids excited to use perseverance, instead of dreading doing something that's hard (and whining, complaining, and crying).
  • Your kids begging to do the activities again and again, so they can improve.


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After checkout, I'll send you an email with your login information for the course.

Through short videos, you'll hear the instructions, supplies you need, and ways to make each activity more challenging or simpler so you can get started right away.

You'll also have access to Science Experiments for Little Learners, another set of activities that you can use to strengthen your relationship with your kiddo and practice perseverance.


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However, I think you'll love it!

Ready to give your child the gift of the most important life skill they can have - Perseverance? Go ahead and click the button below so your kids don't give up.

Science Experiments for Little Learners


An $84 Value!