Alphabet Safari

Alphabet Safari


The Alphabet Safari makes learning the alphabet FUN for your kiddo and EASY for you. Young children are not meant to learn from worksheets- so let's get them up and moving and have some fun while we're at it. The Alphabet Safari will take you on 15 Adventures using things you already have throughout your home that get your kiddo EXCITED about learning the alphabet!


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"Since implementing Elizabeth's Alphabet Safari my 4-year-old has gone from reluctant to super excited about letters!"

 –Beunette L

What's Included:

Please Note: This is a digital product that will be emailed to you immediately after purchase.

Easy to Prep Activities: Print and go activities are the perfect activity to keep your child interested, excited about learning, and strengthening their fine motor skills, while all the templates are organized for you and ready for you to dive in.

  • As an educator, I know the more senses you use to learn, the better you will remember the content. No worksheets here! We focus on getting our body moving, touching, and manipulating the letters in an exciting way so we will make learning fun- and learn it for good!
  • We learn best through play. Who looks forward to sitting at the kitchen table reviewing flashcards? (or better yet completing worksheets?) NOBODY. In this Safari Pack, your child will experience 15 excursions that will get them up and moving... and actually excited about learning.

  • We know we learn best when it is meaningful. Rather than worksheets, this Safari Pack focuses on activities kids can connect with their life experiences. Starting with the letters in their name, and using their environment (and people they love) this adventure makes learning exciting and memorable.

The Alphabet Safari Includes:

  • 15 Alphabet Safari Expeditions that utilize the items already found around your home. Print-and-go activities for hands-on learning are organized at your fingertips.
  • A Must-Read Alphabet Book List to integrate your learning into your daily routine
  • Learned Alphabet Letter Tracker to boost your child's confidence as they track their progress
  • Letter Cards and Templates to use in games and activities
  • Rainbow Writing Pages that are fun and great practice for fine motor skills
  • Coloring Pages for each letter also make great posters to reinforce learning
  • Letter ID Assessments help you know if your child really knows the alphabet, and have confidence that you are focusing on the right letters